Healing Mama Wellness

Promoting Community Health and Wellness for Every BODY

Healing Mama Wellness Vision, Mission and Core Values

Vision Statement: To build healthier communities through creating partnerships between people and nature. Because when we raise the health and wellness of just one person, we raise the health and wellness of the community as a whole.

Mission: To make nature immersion attainable for Every BODY.

Core values: “BRAVE”

·         Believes that access to nature is for Every BODY.

·         Respects the inherent worth and dignity of every person, every community, and every culture.

·         Appreciates that where someone came from yesterday does not dictate where they can go tomorrow and works to     

                    empower people today.

·         Values that we are interconnected with nature, not separate from and works to create partnerships between both.

·         Embodies the understanding that routine connections with nature have a positive benefit to our physical and mental                 health.

Healing Mama Wellness Services 

Guided Forest Therapy


Professional Speaker

Professional Trainings

Healing Mama Wellness is a for profit organization,but our roots run deep in the non profit world. If your non profit would like to hire Dawn, please ask about sliding rates for non profits. 

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While the practices of Forest Therapy and EcoNIDRA™ are gentle, and of an invitational character, the participants are responsible for their own wellbeing. Participants agree to accept responsibility for their own safety and well-being during these activities. By participating in these activities participants agree to voluntarily release and hold harmless Healing Mama Wellness, Association of Nature and Forest Therapy Guides and Programs (ANFT), and EcoNIDRA™ and the individuals who are acting as guides for these sessions from any and all claims of liability which are in any way connected with their participation in this activity.