About Dawn

Dawn M. Cogliser, FNP-BC, CARN-AP, RN-BC, CHC, 

ANFT Certified Forest Therapy Guide, EcoNIDRA  Certified Teacher, and 

Founder of EcoRECOVERY

Dawn began Healing Mama Wellness while living on the East Coast, after the birth of her first child in 1991 when, as a new stay at home mother, she found herself struggling with her own mental health and sobriety. 

As a means for self-preservation, she started a small newsletter called Healing Mama as a way to connect with other mothers in recovery.  From that point, Dawn began speaking at treatment facilities, youth shelters, and to high school groups about her personal story of overcoming the adversities of trauma, houselessness, and addiction. It was not long before Dawn was asked to speak to groups of healthcare and social service professionals about trauma informed client care.

It was during her engagement with healthcare groups that Dawn realized the void between what is taught in healthcare programs and what is needed in the clinical setting, especially for marginalized communities, for patients to feel heard. This was the match that lit the spark for Dawn to enter college with the goal of becoming a Nurse Practitioner with a focus on wellness and addiction.  Little did she know that her healthcare journey would lead her slowly across the nation from her starting point in New Jersey, to the Navajo Nation in Arizona, to where her family now calls home on the West Coast in Oregon. 

Dawn's academic achievements include three degrees in the field of nursing, and three national board certifications. She is a Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner through the American Nurses Credentialing Center, Board Certified Addictions Registered Nurse – Advance Practice through the Addictions Nursing Certification Board, Board Certified Psychiatric-Mental Health-Registered Nurse through American Nurses Credentialing Center. She is also a Certified Health Coach through the National Society of Health Coaches. 

Dawn is an avid outdoors enthusiast and credits her continued connection with nature as part of her personal healing journey. Because she knows first-hand how nature improves both physical and mental health, Dawn embarked on a new journey becoming a Certified Forest Therapy Guide through the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy. She enjoys guiding walks for both community members and professional groups. She then increased her training in nature based skills and became a Certified EcoNIDRA™ Teacher. Through her practice as a EcoNIDRA™ Teacher and her experience as an addictions specialist, Dawn created the EcoRECOVERY program for women in recovery from addictions. 

The overwhelming response to Dawn's message of strength, hope, and courage, combined with the impact her training has had on communities across the nation has brought Dawn full circle in Healing Mama Wellness. 

Dawn stands by her motto that "when we raise the health and wellness of one person, we raise the health and wellness of the community as a whole".