Client Testimonials

EcoNIDR   Testimonials

"I did a zoom session in the evening. I wasn't feeling tired when it started but Dawn told us if our body falls asleep that is what it needs and to honor what our body needed. All I know is by the mid way point I was more relaxed than I think I have ever been and then I feel asleep. It was the best sleep I have had in a long time"

    Cassandra - Michigan 

"My spirit was needing this"

Kirsten - Grants Pass, Oregon

"Thank you so very much!! I had such an amazing time and feel more relaxed and centered then I have in years"

Erin - Medford, Oregon

"I love that Dawn does virtual groups. I was given a session as a gift from my husband and it helped me calm down so much that I was more present for those in my life afterwards. I will continue to do monthly sessions with Dawn, she has a way of just helping you go from wild brain to resting brain and I love and NEED this in my life" 

 Ginger - Portland, Oregon

"I am in recovery from 15 years of addiction. I work a strong program to maintain my sobriety. I tried an EcoNIDRA session with Dawn and I was hooked! This work is like the gift wrap on a gift that keeps giving to me My mind is so much calmer, my body is so much more relaxed, and my sobriety is now one more layer stronger." 

Anonymous - Medford, Oregon

"I work in healthcare and am so stressed out all the time due to work. I didn't want to go to this class but my friend sort of forced me because she was worried about my health. I can't even begin to tell you how much more improved my mental health has been since this experience! I was so at peace and felt so rested after the group that it felt like I had taken a nap but I didn't. The following week at work I was more clear in my thoughts and able to navigate through critical cases with so much more ease. For anyone in healthcare I can't recommend this enough. We really owe it to ourselves"

Anonymous - Rogue River, Oregon

Rest and renewed! I will be back again, and again. I can't remember the last time I just took time to stop and rest. Being able to do this in the comfort of my own bed was incredible. Everyone needs this!” 

      Jodi - San Diego, California 

Forest Therapy Testimonials

"I was uncomfortable before we started the walk because I am not an outdoors person and didn't know what to expect. I was surprised that as soon as we started I felt comfortable. After the walk I felt a lighter spirit, and so at peace. All I can say is TRY IT! IT'S WORTH IT! Dawn is an amazing guide!"

    Clint - Grants Pass, Oregon

“I did a nature walk with Dawn and a group of wonderful people. I didn’t know how bad I needed it until I was there. It was so peaceful and rejuvenating for my soul. The whole guided experience was literally a breath of (much needed) fresh air. Dawn is one of the most kind hearted, inspirational people on this planet - I’m certain of this. It was so fun to take it all in and learn about the area, native trees and plants all while being in the middle of it.

I can’t wait to do this again!”

Bree - Grants Pass, Oregon

"I attended a walk with my brother to introduce him to nature and spend time together. After the walk I noticed I was much more relaxed. I felt a weight was lifted." 

 Kyra - Grants Pass, Oregon

"I recently lost a family member and was still grieving when I attended a forest walk. I didn't expect to have the emotions that came out just sitting quietly in the woods.  I realized after the walk that this is what the "therapy" part of a guided walk must be. The woods gave me the space I needed to grieve without being judged. All I know is that I left the walk feeling so relaxed and grounded. I slept better that night than I had in a long time. I will be doing many more forest therapy walks. Dawn is an excellent guide! Highly recommend." 

Anonymous - Medford, Oregon

"I attended a walk to explore Forest Bathing. The highlight of the walk was noticing what was in motion. After the walk I felt much more relaxed, and less scattered."

Kim - Grants Pass, Oregon

“I am not in great shape and I am older I was really worried that I would not be able to do this activity. Dawn assured me that it was a gentle activity and I could listen to my bodies needs. I am so glad I went. It was the really the best medicine I could give to myself. I have been back several more times and have made this a routine part if my selfcare. I highly recommend this to everyone, even us old out of shape folk! ” 

      Marie - Grants Pass, Oregon

Speaker & Training Testimonials 

"Dawn helped train our American Red Cross team who were operating the wildfire shelter in Grants Pass. She trained our team on how to reverse and opioid overdose with Naloxone. Her approach was very hands on and relatable Our team was able to ask questions, and run through scenarios until they felt comfortable.  She is a very dynamic trainer and I highly recommend her services."  

C.H - Disaster Program Manager, ARC

"We're proud to be a sponsor of CCO Oregon's winter conference on innovations in primary care, which took place earlier this week. One of the event's many highlights was a presentation by NPO member Dawn Cogliser, the first NP to lead a CCO Oregon conference presentation. Congratulations Dawn!" 

Oregon Nursing Association 

"Dawn changes people’s lives. She creates beautiful ripple effects that turn into waves of change in this world."

  Lydia - Healthcare Manager,                      Philadelphia, Pennsylvania  

"Dawn has an unparalleled ability to connect with clients known to have challenging medical, addiction, and mental health needs. She has a talent that you can’t teach, and that’s a natural empathetic, compassionate, almost effortless ability to build rapport. She is a strong advocate. She is known for walking into a room and getting the whole space to light up with her energy. This is such a valuable gift."

    Mary Lou - Social Worker, Camden, New Jersey 

Speaker/ Training Testimonials 

"I teach 10-12 Allied Health courses including Anatomy and Physiology and Medical Terminology. Many of my students end up in Nursing school and Health Science majors, but one of the most critical elements to my program is the infusion of guest speakers and shadowing opportunities. Dawn has kindly woken at 4 am several years in a row to speak to my class on the east coast. Her life and career experience connects well my the students I teach, and I think her story gives students in similar situations hope. Her career path has also provided insight into the many opportunities that people can take when they enter the Nursing field. We are very appreciative at Sterling High school, and we highly recommend her to any school or program that wants to provide authentic experiences in the classroom."

Mike Goffredo

Allied Health Teacher 

Sterling High School 

Hi-Nella, NJ

"Dawn is a diligent, resourceful, creative and solution-oriented and brings new and innovative approaches to her healthcare. She is a dynamic team leader. Dawn embodies many qualities of a natural leader: genuineness, intelligence and integrity. I have respect for her leadership skills, and have been pleased to work with her on many occasions. It is exciting to think of the ways she will contribute to the future of healthcare."

   Linda - Medical Director,                      Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

"Rarely have I seen an individual more fully committed to making a positive impact in the community. As a nurse practitioner, Dawn demonstrates the caring concern that we all want from our healthcare providers. She also embodies hope and empowerment – positive attributes that are so desperately needed in the community she serves. I trust her fully and would work with her in any environment."

  Marc - Human Resources, Blackwood, New Jersey


"Dawn is quite determined, energetic, knowledgeable, and can empower others to accomplish anything they desire. The impact of her patient engagement training was invaluable"

      Tina - Healthcare Executive -                Tuscon, Arizona 

"Dawn was born to be a healthcare leader. She is not only very bright, but her personality is perfect for the profession. I knew right after I met her that because of her upbringing and personal history, she would be able to empathize for our special patient base and that she would bear her heart to help others to heal. I don’t know how she does it, but she able to share of herself, but yet she is able to protect herself so that too much of the hurt doesn’t eat her alive. Within minutes, she has the rare gift of making anyone feel comfortable no matter where the person is coming from or what they have endured. She is not judgmental and she effortlessly cuts through the games that people effortlessly try to play when in denial. You want to hear her story, it will motivate every cell in your body" 

   Marcia - Assistant Director of Youth Programming, New Jersey