The art of transformational relaxation reconnecting people with the earth. EcoRECOVERY is rooted in the practice of EcoNIDRA™ and is focused on women in recovery from addictions. These monthly virtual meeting are sliding scale sessions from 0-$55 meant to lower barriers so any Woman in recovery who needs this work, can attain this work. 

EcoRECOVERY follows the same sequence of EcoNIDRA™.  Imagine you laying down in a comfortable position while being guided on a journey through your senses, your body, and the earth through a series of nature-based visualizations and soundscapes. Imagine relaxing so deeply during a 45 minute facilitated journey, that afterwards, your mind and body feel more refreshed than after a couple of hours of deep sleep. This is the power of EcoNIDRA™, a guided visualization practice with ancient roots and scientifically proven transformational effects. 

EcoRECOVERY sessions based on EcoNIDRA™ can help you: